·         Waters Edge Healing Arts & Music located in the beautiful Hill Country area in Canyon Lake.TX. Waters Edge  welcomes you to our Holistic House , where you are acknowledged for the whole being that you are. We offer a myriad of therapies  (Massage ,Yoga ,)and sessions for your body, mind and spirit; the whole you. Our intention is one of balance in all areas of your life where "thriving", "flourishing" and "expanding" are daily expressions. Set in a tranquil, confidential and sacred atmosphere it uplifts the body, mind and spirit to a higher frequency bringing us closer to who we really are.

 THE PLACE Waters Edge Healing Arts & Music is located in the scenic area of the Texas Hill Country  , A former model home (Now known as the “Yellow Holistic House”) Our "little Yellow house" on the hill is warm, inviting and perfect for rejuvenation! Also great to Host In House Concerts and Workshops with healthy eating in our kitchen. Has several treatment rooms  all with a specific purpose .Massage rooms all have music  chromotherapy lighting (different coloring of lights ) and aromatherapy essentials , Many modalities of massage are practiced here. I specialize in Sound Therapy .So musical instruments are used in treatments, Tuning Forks Tingshas ,Crystal Healing Bowls Tibetan Bowls etc . A Sacred Lomi Room ( Hawaiian Style massage )Hawaiian ambience and aromas are used.  A DETOX ROOM with Far INFRARED SAUNA DETOX ION FOOT SPA .   Two full baths. One attached to the Detox room .So after Sauna your are  able to shower.  A Living room  ,great waiting area . Also used for  "IN HOUSE CONCERTS" Has Baby Grand Piano ..Many healing forms of music pass through here .Concert info available on website .This is also where I hold the Sound Concerts, Kirtan  and Meditations .. A full kitchen for Health Coaching cooking workshops on different Food and cooking demos , A Health Coaching area  ,where just one conversation could change your life .Specializing in Food Sensitivities and Detoxing   We have off street parking for your convenience. Water, herbal teas and information about our therapies and wellness is available in our waiting room.  looking  forward to meeting you!                       ****NEW*****.  Now an addition of SEVENTH WAVE YOGA STUDIO